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Toward 21st century residence

Toward 21st century residence

Architecture is often assumed symbol of stability. However, in some category, building  is something constantly changing rather than something stable. For example, in the residence due to the person's behavior, things move frequently; the places of man or thing keep changing so fast. When you consider about residence, you think about your need through imagining what your life would be like in coming decades. In Japan, the building only lasts for 30 years, not just physical decay. The building is no more adapt to the dynamic change in the reality. 

Architecture, based on the hypothesis of dynamic change, is used long term which leads to eco. In addition, the building is not yet finished when it is completed; people can use their imagination and recreate their life in the residence. And thus, it would be better if the building is constructed under the idea of standardization and unit system. 

The unit system  was one of the main ideas of modern architecture, and a large number of unit houses are proposed by using new materials such as aluminum, duralumin and plastic. However, most of them are no longer exist. I think that people didn't want to live in house like the industrial products. The unit system  is considered in order to make people happy. This concept is correct. So, what about making it by wood? It was the beginning of Aero House. This is the modern designed residence corresponding to the dynamic changes, made of woods.